895.000 €

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Villas a vendre à Dénia - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 895.000 € | 500 m2 Construit | Vue sur mer | CLDX2922

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  • Secteur
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  • Chambres
  • Bains
  • Construit
    500,00 m2
  • Terrain
    2.800,00 m2
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Villas a vendre à Dénia - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 895.000 € | 500 m2 Construit | Vue sur mer | CLDX2922

Beautiful house in Denia, divided into three separate apartments.
Entrance to the main house to a spacious living room with large windows exposing the countryside and the sea. Open fireplace in the lounge. One bedroom with wardrobe used as a gym and a bathroom.
Master bedroom with lounge and large gazebo, large fitted wardrobes and en suite. Cuisines communicated directly from the terrace or from the living room, with new appliances, renovated a year ago. Air conditioning, hot and cold throughout the house.
In the same level as the main house , an apartment with 2 bedrooms upstairs, 2 bathrooms, one on each floor of the house. Living room with kitchenette. Parquet flooring throughout the house. Air conditioning, hot and cold. Bathroom on the second floor in suite, private terrace with sea views. The family home has a terrace attached to the entry.
In the ground floor of the house, there is another apartment with 2 bedrooms and a gym room, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms.
Parking for up to four cars, garden area cultivated with vegetables.